Photo Budget tips for booking a hotel in Europe

Budget tips for booking a hotel in Europe

Budget tips for booking a hotel in Europe

Europe is a fascinating destination for tourists. In fact, Europe hosts tourists from many parts of the world, especially from Australia, America, and Asia.

Hotels can be so pricy especially during the peak season. Therefore, it is important to plan your budget carefully before booking a hotel in Europe.

Some practical budget tips to help you wisely book a hotel in Europe

  • Choose the most suitable hotel: Your hotel choice should be based on your budget and objectives. Compare the hotel rates in your destination before booking. Some hotels are more expensive, especially if they are located in the city center or at the beach. If you really need to choose a hotel in the city center because you have to get to the city center very early every day, then, it is useful to do so. Otherwise, it will just cost you more to stay there.
  • Book your hotel at the right time: Hotel rates are usually so high during the peak vacation season. As a result, it is recommended to book your hotel earlier, during the low season. Many vacationers do not book until a week or two before they go on holiday. At this time, hotel rooms are getting scarce, and the price is high. Off-season rates are usually lower.
  • Stay at a double-bed hotel: Double-bed hotels are more reasonable than the ones with twin beds. If you travel with your family, you can spend less on accommodation if you choose to stay at a double-bed hotel, instead of choosing a twin-bed hotel. On the other hand, if you book two separate rooms for your family, the accommodation rate will double.
  • Consider the hotel rating: Many 3-Star hotels are equipped with free wi-fi and air conditioner. The rooms may be not too luxurious but they are comfortable. Yet, you pay far less at a 3-Star hotel, especially if you go on vacation with a large family. Therefore, always check around for other alternative hotels and compare prices before booking. Besides, most business people stay at 5-Star hotels, which are more expensive.
  • Book a hotel without buffet breakfast: In some hotels, buffet breakfast is included in the nightly rate. It is practical to stay at the hotel to eat breakfast. However, it is more cost effective to eat out at the nearby restaurant. At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to discover the local specialties. However, if your budget allows you to have breakfast buffet at the hotel, choose a hotel where that kind of service is included.
  • Ask for a discount: Hotels usually give a discounted rate for early birds. In fact, if you book early, and stay for a week or so at the hotel, you will get a discount. It is, therefore, recommended to always ask the hotel manager for a discount when booking a hotel in Europe.

Book a hotel in Europe

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